Monday, 22 September 2008

The feminine leader

"But it goes beyond just mentorship…for some of us [...] the only true forum for interaction and growth is of necessity impersonal – there is even an undertone that it is inappropriate for a woman to carry on an e-mail conversation with a male about theology or struggles in the faith. Distance and propriety must be maintained. In this environment how do we mentor for leadership, how do we learn, how do we grow, how do we change? "

~ from RJS's response to Alice's "Gifted to Lead 1" on Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed.

"If the way is opened for you to be a co-pioneer in building a church in which all can minister on the basis of gifting and not gender then you will be one of those by virtue of your age and standing that will not have a mentor in the local family...

You will make the most mistakes, take the most punches, be the most broken. You will need to be the first mentor to show others how to and to ensure a legacy of successive mentorship. Perhaps there will be someone outside the church or in another church that God will give you, it would not be out of place to pray for this. But even if he doesn’t, are you up for it?"

Forging leadership and retaining femininity...?

"The feminine is most often associated with nurturing, life-giving qualities, creativity and an openness to those around." Wikipedia (emphasis mine)

"’s stunning how often military and sports terms are used in discussions of leadership—strategy, tactics, game plans, coaching, etc. Those are all fine aspects of leadership. But they aren’t the only way to lead. In fact, it seems to me that when women try to lead in such a way, it simply doesn’t work." Carla Barnhill in When Women lead like Women.

"a few of the marks of distinctly female leadership...



Outward Focused"

~ Carla Barnhill in When Women lead like Women.

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