Monday, 1 December 2008

Hope - now look up!

Second setlist of the day - what a privilege to serve in this way...Also over at FredMcKinnon.Com
Our evening service is café style church and the feel is quite different. I wanted to make a progression from 'this is who our God is' and 'why we can have hope' to 'what does this mean for me' and finally 'what does this mean for others'.
As I hadn't really anticipated leading early enough for something really smooth, I went with the church unplugged feel of the service and did a bit of worship leading unplugged...
Wild times lead people to pursue spiritual realities. Look for an uptick in
prayer, spiritual friendships, greater curiosity about what the Bible says
about life's priorities. Wild times humble the arrogant and acquaint us with
the struggles of the poor. Compassion and generosity take on a new meaning.

Gordon McDonald in No Time to Cower on Leadership

I was planning on using the Hope Hero clip from Hope08 here but we used Hope Where You Live and did the poem later.,com_xeyougallery/Itemid,141/

Lam 3.19-25

I found verses relating to hope in a meaningful way and printed them onto blocks of card. I had them in bowls on the café tables. I asked them to each take one, or more if they'd like, and pray about whether or not it was meaningful for them, or maybe for someone else. We have the hope to share.

My plan was a long straight session of worship that just flowed from one song to another so that folks could really just get into it with God.

Mighty to Save
My Jesus, My Saviour
I'm Trading my Sorrows
How Great is our God - with How Great Thou Art break
God of this City

Hope Hero clip from Hope08. The poem is outstanding. Take a moment to check it out.,com_xeyougallery/Itemid,141/

2 Cor 4.7-18

I would really love to do a set that included a sort of medley where the choruses for God of Justice, God of this City and Fire Fall down mingled and merged, but I'm a vocalist, not a musician and I'm not sure how to make this work. I can hear it in my head, but can't seem to explain it adequately. We have a team of a guitarist and a drummer plus three vocalists. Any thoughts?

I thought the 'unplugged' session worked well in some respects but it was too long as my chatter was not taut. Something to consider and work on. Again, it had been a very busy week church wise and there was very little opportunity for practice. Would LOVE to do this full time but alas! Must put bread on the table somehow!

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