Wednesday, 14 January 2009

beautiful in its vulnerability and realness

This blew me away today from a fellow worship leader's blog. Open-hearted, vulnerable, real. Yes. More of this.

"Our Lead Pastor ... delivered Part 1 of his "State of the Union" to our church based on his 3-month sabbatical in the fall. After 15 years on a church staff and being raised in church my whole life, I've heard a lot of sermons. However, yesterday's message was definitely one of the most heart-felt and God-given messages I have ever heard in my life. ... He didn't script his message like he normally does...he just read from his moleskin and it was POWERFUL! Our people were hanging on every word (including me!) He shared his dreams for this community and his passion to reach every person of every demographic in this area...yeah, it was amazing."

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Cynthia Cullen said...

Thanks for the comment, Louise, and the quote on your blog! I would love for you to link back to my blog anytime as well...It's great to connect with you!