Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hope because of WHO we worship

Hope becomes operational through the daily-refreshed conviction that nothing that happens escapes the gaze of God. (emphasis mine)
In such times God distills the faith of hopeful people. He means to squeeze some of the craziness that has entered the world of organized religion and return us to the simplicity of following Jesus and growing in his character.

God intends to reduce the attachment of hopeful people to material wealth, to
the tendency to think that everything rises and falls on being prosperous and
financially secure. God intends to make hopeful people rethink their attraction
to bigness, to slickness, to a show-business approach to ministry.

God intends to remind hopeful people that loving, serving, and generous giving are the primary markers of genuine faith.
God intends to awaken hopeful people to the suffering of a larger part of the world's population that we have all too easily ignored.
In short, God intends that hopeful people put everything on the table and ask
once again: What is at the core of the real Christian gospel that we may have
forgotten during the days of prosperity?
Gordon MacDonald ~ Beyond Pessimism or Optimism - Leading in these times requires something more.

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