Monday, 9 March 2009

approachable and available

When we came to JBay, it was my desire that I would be approachable and available for God to use me in the life of our church and our community. I'm thinking about this at the moment and whether I'm still true to my heart's hope. What do these two characteristics look like to you?


Cee said...

HI Louise

Thanks for visiting me over the weekend.

I wanted to pop in and say Hi and now you have me thinking about approachability and availability. Two things I also long to be and find it hard to know whether I am am. I think that busyness gets in the way. One thing you need to be sure of is not to be too busy so that people feel they can come to you.

An approachable personal has a smile, a welcoming demeanour which is not hurried or harried. There is something about them that wants to know more about me!

An available person has the time both mentally and physically to devote to something new.

Just a few thoughts.

I hope you enjoying baking the peaches you saw on my site. I need to do some more of those myself in our house.

God bless

Breezy said...

I found you in the Creative Community blog, and wanted to visit your blog. The name of your blog is fantastic. It says so much. So on to your question!

Approachable-I think it is first about body language, and SMILING. You have to look like your are interested. Sometimes you have to make the first move to break the ice with a comment or question. Giving someone.. even a stranger a compliment like "pretty blouse, or great speech" helps someone relax and connect with you.

Available is a little harder for me since I tend to Overbook myself. I find so many things that sound like a great project or ministry and then I become overwhelmed and don't feel like doing all of them. I finally learned to get involved in one or two things I have a real heart for and give them my all. Just say no to the other things so you can be be dedicated and reliable. I feel so guilty when I overbook and have to back out on something I signed up to do.

Louise Knight said...

Hi Cee and Breezy

Your comments have been immensely helpful to me and have reminded me again of the 'one thing needful' - to sit at His feet. I'm a bit like Breezy - Like to get overinvolved. But I've learnt over the years and I'm also trying to be more aware of others who may want to try out that ministry for themselves...

Thanks for stopping by.

Louise Knight said...

PS - the name of the blog came from a book written by Jill Briscoe - a really wonderful woman of God. Her stuff is make-sense and real.