Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Setlists - May 3rd, 2009

Probably last one into Fred's Sunday Setlists for this week. ;)

Walk-in: Jesus, Messiah

For who You are - *offering*

Announcements & Prayer

Challenge - don't sing the words if you are not ready to say them. We're singing a lot of things tonight:

'Lord, You have my heart and I will search for Yours'
'Let me be to You a sacrifice'
'I will worship You with all of my heart, mind and strength. '
'I want more love, power, faith and passion – more of You'
'I pour out my life'
'What can I do but offer my heart completely to You'
'I give my life to declare Your promise'
'I’ll stand with my arms high and my heart abandoned, my soul surrendered to You.'
'All I am is Yours.'

The Stand


Once Again

Lord, You have my heart

Open prayer – for who YOU are

More love, more power

Sermon – John Harding – Gift of Tongues

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