Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Go tell it on the mountain

Yesterday this scripture popped up for me out of the passage in front of me:

God has given us the task of telling everyone what He is doing. We're Christ's representatives. 2 Cor 5:18 (MSG)

Then I read an article on Christianity Today and realised that God was developing a theme for me to follow. 

In his article, Kelly Brady says "I started [hitting the streets...and handing out a little tract I wrote called "My Story"] ...because I was saddened by our church's lack of adult conversions. Then I took a look in the mirror. As the senior pastor, if I'm not sharing my faith, I shouldn't be surprised when our church isn't." The way that he has written his story (page 2 of the article) is beautifully accessible and transparent!
My daily devotional on WordLive today was a passage about John the Baptizer. The Jewish leaders were asking who he was.
John answered in the words of the prophet Isaiah, "I am only someone shouting in the desert, `Get the road ready for the Lord!' John 1:23
David Bradwell comments 'John had two answers. He said he was a voice calling people to allow Jesus a pathway into their lives and a finger pointing people to the One who can forgive their sins.' (emphasis mine)

I felt prompted to start thinking about different ways to share my story that reach beyond my usual 'circles'. A way of being a finger and a voice pointing away from me towards Him.
So...Who am I? What are some of my God-stories? Where should I tell them? Who should I tell? How should I tell my story of Jesus, Redeemer? much to ponder.


Floss said...

Hi Louise,

I see from the date that you're perhaps not using this blog anymore but I felt compelled to write with the following comment. I'm following a word live bible reading plan which directs me to online content from a couple of years ago. I encountered you on the word live comment facility and was so inspired by the little nuggets of scriptural wisdom that you sometimes shared that I searched for you on google to see if you had another online presence, and was thrilled to discover your blog! In answer to your question where should I tell them? Who should I tell? Here Louise...right here. Thank you for sharing and inspiring and I pray you are able to post again soon.

I have also followed you on twitter, although you don't appear to be using that either!


Jayne Manfredi (Cheshire, England)

Louise Knight said...

Thanks, Jayne :) The blog et al do need to be resurrected. Perhaps it's time. Appreciate your encouragement.