Sunday, 9 November 2014

I come in simplicity

Sometimes I find that it is the simple things that draw me near to God. An early morning walk in the garden, the slightly chill and damp grass tickling and refreshing my feet. The feel of the sun on my face in winter. The constancy of the breaking of the waves on the sea. A baby's giggle. A moment of quiet in the midst of the busy supermarket.

Psalm 136 makes me think of this with it's constantly-repeating 'His love endures forever.' Like the sun that rises each day and the wave upon wave of the ocean, God's love never fails.

So today I will come in simplicity and allow the waves of His loving-kindness to wash over me again and again.

And it will be enough.

What simple things draw you near to God? Can you slow down and be quiet a bit today and enjoy them a little more?

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