Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Java JBay Service – 2008-12-07

Hi folks

Once again I'm participating in Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon. Check it out - some fabulous creativity going on.


(I wanted us to focus on the God behind the 'fear and trembling' bit of Philippians 2.12)

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Welcome and Announcements

Isaiah 6 1-8

We fall down, We lay our crowns (offering taken up during song)

King of Kings, Majesty

You are beautiful beyond description

I worship You, Almighty God

Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down (started with the chorus and didn't do the horribly overdone beautiful first verse 'Light of the world')

Immortal, invisible (first two verses read as a poem)

It's all about You, Jesus (again started with the chorus for Jesus, lover of my soul)

Brad Jones did a great job of challenging us from Philippians 2.12 'Working it out'.


Steff said...

I love "It's all about You". It's a great song with powerful lyrics. It's been a while since we've done that one I may have to pull it out soon. :)

lk said...

@ Steff

Despite the words going 'missing' for that song, I got a lot of positive feedback, so I'm going to use it as an opener this Sunday night. Complete with words. ;)

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I like the way you mixed it up with the reading of the verses when singing "Immortal, invisible".
Good idea...
I'd love to see pictures of your church...

James said...

"You Are Beautiful Beyond Description" - wow, I've not heard that one in years. Great song; a real classic.

Wayne said...

Very cool set! I also love "It's All About You". I'm trying to remember who sang the version of "I Stand In Awe Of You" that I have heard. Is it called "I Stand In Awe" or "You Are Beautiful Beyond Description"?

Anyway, nicely done!

lk said...

@ dorothy

Thanks, I love hymns, and the Java service bunch don't really, so I like to use the hymns as poetry in between sometimes, and sometimes as a call to worship. It works!

@ wayne

It's called You are beautiful beyond description, I think. I just started on the verse so it was on my setlist with that as the title...cryptic, I know... ;)