Monday, 15 December 2008


This is a setlist for Do yourselves a favour and browse when you have a moment.

Java service last night was just that. Emmanuel.

There are moments in your life when you look around you - slow motion - and realise that this is it. This is what God wants of you for this moment in time with these people. And all for joy. These are the moments when the endurance is all worth it.
Celebrating Jesus
Walk-in -Jesus, Messiah - Tomlin (new for us)Welcome and Announcements

Take Time skit - check it out

This worked really well. I did it together with a well-known and much loved member of the Java service. We didn't introduce it - just went straight into it after announcements. It worked!

It closes with: Let's take time right now...

O come, let us adore Him, (a capella and then with music - only this verse) This is so beautiful a capella. I just wanted to stand there and listen to them all singing. Like I imagine heaven to be.

Isaiah 9.6-7
Jesus, Name above all names
***Thanksgiving bits
From late November, the Java service congregation have been writing things that they are thanking God for on little slips of paper. These will be used at Hope Re: New - the New Year's Eve service.
Jesus, lover of my soul (It's all about You) - Offering
Jesus, Messiah - Tomlin - this was a HIT and we'll definitely be using this more in the New Year. A beautiful song. Our guitarist transposed it into a decent key. We learnt it in one practice session before the service and it was fantastic. Just perfect for the service. My desire was for everyone to get the chorus stuck in their heads for the whole of the next week as an antidote to the world's theft of Christmas.
We have coffee at this point in the service for about 10-15 minutes and then the message. This week, Student Pastor Mark Knight (aka Babe) took us through three linked 'Celebrations'. You know how there are messages which are just "makes sense" type sermons that make you want to "just do it"? This was one of those. He asked the question: What are you celebrating this Christmas?


dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Really like your set list and the skit.
It is exactly where my mind has been going for the last couple of years. i have basically gotten rid of all the trappings.
In fact our service next week our creative team will try to really emphasis what that juxtiposition of what Christmas has become and what it really is about.
lk, I am really beginning to like you a lot.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about plagiarising!!! :)

Glorifying God is our aim, and helping each other to better fufil that is the best thing about blogging!

Nothing wrong with being a little creative about too!!! :)

lk said...

@ vibevicar - I have to admit that I like it nice and simple and our Java crowd enjoy that. But sometimes the smooth simplicity takes more effort than the other sets. :D

@ down - research is just plagiarism to the nth degree. I'm hoping that someone out there will do me the immense compliment of plagiarising some of my stuff sometime!

Steff said...

Jesus Messiah is a great song our youth love it.