Tuesday, 27 January 2009

still, small voice

So, we're going through one of those valleys, hubs and I, and I begged God to speak to me and show me - for me - His way through. And He did.

He spoke like this:

After a long deliberation with people we love and trust, where He made us aware of things that we hadn't thought through-

1 He reminded me of my own dreams

2 He reminded me of a picture that He had given me previously.

3 He spoke to me through a story in a book I am reading

4 He brought a scripture to my mind

5 He filled my head with a particular song - this seems to be one of the primary ways that God speaks to me at present.

Yes. God speaks today. And He speaks in many ways to all His children.

What is your experience of this? How does He primarily speak to you?

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