Friday, 20 March 2009

Just jump, sweetheart. I'll catch you.

Anne Jackson - author of Mad Church Disease Some Twitter notes from re:create.
‘I was so busy doing things for God that I had forgotten about being with Him.’
The question that changed everything for Anne - ‘Is serving in this church interfering with your communion with Christ?’
‘If you are not operating in God’s strength, you are being lied to. You are not fine.’
‘If you are in one of those places where you communion with Christ is being sacrificed, you must leave. Losing your relationship with God is not worth it.’
‘God is your provider. Your job has never been your provision.’
‘God didn’t say love ministry, love your job, love what you do. He said love me.’
Next question that struck Anne - ‘Are you living within the integrity of your conscience?’
‘What does being obedient look like to you? Are you doing that?’
‘Does it look like I’m struggling with stuff? Maybe not. But I am. And someone has to be the one to go first to give someone the gift of going second.’
‘Some of you are in a very healthy place, spiritually. It is your responsibility to help carry the burdens of those who are struggling.’
‘It would be completely irresponsible of us to let hurting, broken people in ministry continue to be broken.’
‘It’s time for us ... to carry the burdens of others. We have walls to break through but we’ve got to break through them.’

Challenging is too shy a word.

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