Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dreaming BIG

When dreaming with God about your life, always leave lots of space for the impossible.

"When Jesus' time [came], He [appeared] out of nowhere, not meeting prior expectations." WordLive 2011/12/27 http://tinyurl.com/d5wrdjr

In my experience, our expectations are way too small for the outrageous, awesome magnitude of what God plans to do in us and through us.

I love the stories of Christmas because they all have elements of them that, whilst familiar, don't make any sense at all. And every time I hear them, some new impossibility that became possible with God strikes me again.

This year, it was the beauty of Joseph's love for Mary in the face of seeming adultery and obedience to God's words in a strange dream that highlighted God's BIG dream for the world to me. And I have to ask myself - in my own life, where others have done things that seem as bad as adultery, do I love them? When God speaks clearly in a dream, am I prepared to be obedient, even if others will think I'm crazy and I'll be labelled a fool?

Jesus didn't meet the people's expectations and seemed to appear out of nowhere. Perhaps the dreams God has for my life will not meet the expectations of others and will seem to appear out of nowhere. And perhaps that's what He intended all along.

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