Tuesday, 26 August 2014

worship most undignified

1 Chronicles 15:25-29 The Sacred Chest Is Brought to Jerusalem

David, the leaders of Israel, and the army commanders were very happy as they went to Obed-Edom's house to get the sacred chest. God gave the Levites the strength they needed to carry the chest, and so they sacrificed seven bulls and seven rams.

David, the Levites, Chenaniah the music director, and all the musicians were wearing linen robes, and David was also wearing a linen cloth. While the sacred chest was being carried into Jerusalem, everyone was celebrating by shouting and playing music on horns, trumpets, cymbals, harps, and other stringed instruments. Saul's daughter Michal looked out her window and watched the chest being brought into David's City. But when she saw David jumping and dancing in honour of the LORD, she was disgusted.

Reading this and pondering I'm remembering David's words...

'I will become even more undignified than this' 2 Sam 6:22


'I will not offer God sacrifices which cost me nothing'. 2 Sam 24:24

Does worship cost me something or do I always only expect to gain from it?

May I worship You in spirit and in truth and only be concerned with how You view my heart.

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