Monday, 9 February 2009

JBay Java Setlist 2009-02-08

There is nothing quite like a hothouse of creative worship leaders like the one at Fred Mckinnon's. This Sunday Setlist is, like many others, a result of spending some time thinking over what they are thinking and doing in their own services. Yes. You want to get over there right now.
Life in abundance - full colour version put you in the picture, Java leadership have decided that it is time to do some good solid teaching on the Holy Spirit.

Walk-in: Revival (As sure as gold is precious and the honey sweet)


I wanted to kick off the testimony time to follow Always by telling a story of my own to break the ice. I used this stuff.


Testimony time - This was just great. I LOVE stories about folks and God. Just love this stuff.

The Stand *offering*
Powerpoint ‘black and white’ *band play Consuming Fire*
I put together a powerpoint of some of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's work. In the first shots, I had taken out the colour, so you just had beautiful form and texture but not the real thing. I followed this with exactly the same shots in colour. I wanted to use the juxtaposition of this with the "There must be more than this" of the song. Unfortunately, my guitarist forgot to play the song whilst the powerpoint was up and it lost a little something. The change from black and white to colour in these shots was breathtaking. I spoke about how in so many ways God has given us full colour and we settle for black and white.

Consuming Fire (There must be more than this)

This was my main song for the evening but we had a couple of hitches with it. Firstly, I had no idea that this was a new one for this church. One of the drawbacks to morving churches is that you have no idea which ones knew what. Secondly, there was a little communication breakdown with the PC operator and when I loaded the songs onto EasyWorship I was in a hurry and picked the wrong song. Also has the name Consuming Fire...sheesh. I chose to sing it anyway, but made several mental "Note to self"s.

We have not given a lot of space for folks just to sing or pray or say our praise to God during the middle of a worship song but we tried this tonight. I'm not sure how it went, really, as I believe very strongly that the congregation are going to struggle to worship if the worship leader is not worshipping.

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh (a capella)

1 minute silence

Now, at this point, we would start playing something from a CD and we would all hit the coffee hatch. Tonight, Pastor Donovan stepped up and said that he felt that there were more stories and to forget about the sermon. A bunch of people told us about stuff God had done and is doing. It was great. Then Don asked the team to play and asked for anyone who wanted prayer to come forward whilst we were singing. Phenomenal stuff. You must understand that this is new stuff for lots of the folks in our church. Not a lot of this goes on. But more is coming.

God rocked up. And how!

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation. O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation.


Justin said...

Consuming Fire is such a great song

Russ Hutto said...

I love breathe. Such a sweet simple worshipful song.

Great list today!


Fred F. McKinnon said...

Thanks for posting your Setlist link - could you edit your post to include mention of "Sunday Setlists' and link back to


Louise Knight said...

Sorry Fred. It was late and I was way too exhausted. Should have left the post until this morning.

Appreciated the reminder. Ta.

Louise Knight said...

@ Justin and Russ...thanks for stopping by.

steff said...

Consuiming Fire is such a great song! It's been quite a while since I heard it.

Beth said...

Sounds like a moving service, Louise! We did 'The Stand' as well; fascinating to me to see similar songs used all over the world, lifting up praises to heaven. I wish we could hear it all....

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I LOVE Consuming Fire, been trying for months to get our worship team to do it...
I really appreciate how much effort went into the design of this worship. Extremly well thought out. Well done!

Louise Knight said...

@Steff - I'm hoping that it will become like a theme song for our Holy Spirit series.

@Beth - it was pretty incredible. And off the grid for many of our folks. I'm excited to see what God has in store for us in weeks to come. We're praying for a release of His Spirit in our church.

I also love seeing the same songs popping up here and there. I love reading everyone's setlists and where their church is at and the thinking behind the worship. It's like water for my soul.

@dorothy - that's a great compliment coming from you. Thank you!